Commision Plan

$100 per transaction, 100% commission at all times! The math is very simple, no stressing about your ‘cut’, it’s just $100.00

E & O – Risk Management

Wolfe Realty provides the E&O policy at the brokerage level and Wolfe Realty funds a risk management account. The annual fee is $325 (subject to change based on E&O costs).

Training and Education

Wolfe Realty provides classroom and online learning modules to help you take your business to the next level. Click the events tab to see the weekly classes, lunch & learns, and more!

Website with IDX

Wolfe Realty provides a website with IDX feed at no cost to the agent. This Website has 4 top Missouri MLS integrations including: Columbia, Jefferson City, St. Louis, SOMO.


Wolfe Realty to provide Customer Relationship Management software at no cost to the agent. This CRM allows  Missouri MLS searches for your clients.


Broker and multiple managers is always available via call, text, email and office meetings to answer agent questions in real time.

Document Storage

The Brokerage supplies the Agent with Document Retention Software for every file with quick and easy compliance so you know where your file is at all times in the review process.

Branding Freedom

Wolfe Realty allows the Agents branding freedom to select colors, logo, style of their advertisements, etc. Of course all branding must be MREC compliant and Broker reviewed before print.

Exit Policy

You may take your active listings and active buyers with no fee to your new brokerage if you choose to leave. Any deals that are in-contract will be paid out per your independent contractor agreement.

Brick and Mortar

Wolfe Realty has a brick and mortar location in Fulton, MO and has plans for expansion offices throughout the region as the growth continues. We conduct trainings and have 2 conference rooms where you may meet your clients at our main office.

Virtual or Home Offices

Wolfe Realty encourages Agents to work where they are most comfortable and have their most stable environment, if you prefer to work virtual that is no problem. Agents are not required to work floor time.

Collaborate and Mastermind

Wolfe Realty creates Collaboration and Mastermind events for our agents to give you real life experiences and collaborations as possible.