Perhaps the most underrated aspect of Wolfe Realty is the tremendously positive culture in our brokerage. Due to the immense training, support, coaching and technology our agents receive, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars we save many of them each year, it isn’t hard to imagine that our culture and atmosphere is very positive. Furthermore, it indirectly fosters a helpful and constructive environment where our agents are happy to assist & support each other in a pay it forward sort of way. On any given day it’s not uncommon to see agents asking each other for advice or who they’d recommend as a trusted professional. This consequently has become a manner in which our company has grown. Many of our agents make an attempt to educate other agents whom they work with from different brokerages on our unique business model in hopes that they might be able to help them financially in their personal lives and small business.

Wolfe Realty is also excited to have created a Community Service committee that is in charge of identifying opportunities for our company to give back to the Missouri communities we love. In addition, Wolfe Realty will be donating a portion of our proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations in the area as we continue to develop & cultivate this aspect of our culture.