This year, we’re giving you a chance to get your personal Trick of the Trade campaign. Like last year’s campaign, the goal is to help agents with lead generation strategies. There are a lot of “quick and easy” ways to generate leads in real estate, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Just like any business, leads come from different sources, and different strategies are needed for each situation.


  1. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover
  • You often get what you look for, just not always on time. This may be so true for the biggest dream home in the world or the first job in a new industry. You don’t know where those leads are going to lead or whether they are going to lead anywhere at all until you give them some attention.
  1. Jump on expired Listings
  • The first person to reach out on expired listings can actually make all the difference. If you’re the first person to contact someone, you have a better chance of finding out how much value they get from their home and getting them excited about selling it.
  1. Help out renters
  • In order to turn renters into homeowners, be sure to introduce them to credit repair and coaching agents early in the process. Just like with any person, your agents need a clear sense of what they are working towards. For example, introduce them to a utility discount card or a home buying seminar – these will help them have an ease and confidence in their buying experience. A referral from you will go a long way with this population, who rely on their personal networks for all things – from knowing houses to letting friends know about events where they can meet potential roommates!
  1. Take advantage of your side gig
  • Real estate agents can get by with just a few hours of marketing a week, or even just one or two hours of marketing a day. Although this will increase your bottom line, it won’t earn you nearly as much as the things that are done outside of your real estate sales presence. You’re much better off taking advantage than barely scratching the surface. If you have another source of income outside of real estate sales, like a side gig or consulting business, try to use it to promote your real estate sale business more often than not!
  1. Utilize social media
  • Social media is an important marketing and lead generation tool for real estate agents. It allows us to connect with prospective clients, which in turn helps us better understand their needs, property values, and interests. In addition to this purpose, it also helps us engage with existing clients and generate referrals via social platforms by sharing our experiences and introducing others to what we’re offering as well as our branding. The hard part is figuring out how to leverage social media effectively without looking or sounding too salesy, so here are some tips for real estate agents on how best to utilize these platforms. At Wolfe Realty, we provide free Marketing Suite where agents can access all they need for social media posting and other Digital Marketing purposes.

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