Do You Have What It Takes to be a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate is undeniably the hottest and most in-demand career these days. According to the U.S Department of Labor, employment for Real Estate is projected to go up at 2% from 2019 to 2029. Real Estate Agents also rank number 4 in the U.S. news “Best Sales and Marketing Jobs” survey.

However, real estate can be a really challenging way to make a living. In a traditional brokerage, real estates are only run by one person who must be good at every aspect of selling a house, from mining for listings to dotting the I’s at closing.

A real estate agent does not just get that closing done but, in order to be an agent, one must be a financial adviser, negotiator, educator, and therapist. They must be good at reading people and know how to read between the lines. Sounds tough right? But don’t worry because it can be learned, and if you have already gotten the hang of it, everything will just come easier.

As what Matt Parker says, a Seattle broker and author of The Real Estate Agent Talks., “Time management are huge, and the lack of these skills is probably the biggest killer of an agent. I see agents who are good-to-go for 10-20 days in a row and sell two or three houses.


Are you contemplating if real estate is the right career for you?

Real Estate is profession where you can find different mixed personalities and roles. Here are some of the important roles in real estate:

Listing agents: These are born salespeople, hunter-gathers who are aggressive and assertive. They enjoy risk and challenge and thrive on competition. Uncertainty is enjoyable, and the routine is the kiss of death. They get bored easily and can be quite disorganized, scattered, and inconsistent. “They’re great starters, not great finishers,” Niblick says.

Buyers agents: They’re more personable and sociable. Aggressiveness is cut by a third, and they’re more service orientated, and don’t mind showing one couple 23 houses, so long as they find the perfect match. They tend to be more organized and patient than listing agents. They like risk less and stability more. They do better at staying in longer relationships with customers at a slower pace.

Administrative support: They love routine and paying attention to detail. They thrive in a very stable, constant environment. Policy and procedure are like a security blanket.

Inside sales agent: ISAs, who make 150 calls a day from a lead list, are the most sociable of all real estate professionals. They must be able to read people with just their ears, which is difficult. They are service-oriented and love nothing more than handing their lead agent a list of potential clients. Often ISAs are young, eager, and frequently move into agent positions.

It is important for you to know yourself, what you can best do and choose the best real estate role that best fits you career goals and personality. Because not knowing what you want, and faking to do something you don’t like will just make you feel exhausted.

In the end, the key to success in real estate is having the “self-awareness and authenticity” to pick a job that suits your temperament, Niblick says. “Know what you’re great at and love to do naturally.”

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